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South American Championship 2021: When is Phase 3 of the Rainbow Six Siege tournament?

An organization system is a hierarchy of organizations in a sport. They are commonly called pyramids, because of their propensity to split right into a boosting number of local divisions further down the system. Organization systems of some kind are utilized in many sports in numerous nations.

Rainbow Six Siege has a system of regional leagues with which it chooses the best teams of the moment. In the specific case of Latin America, there are several that help define those who will be the representatives for Major tournaments. South America has its own competition with the best eight teams looking for the pass at the Elite Six Cup.

The 2021 South American Championship is divided into three phases, granting passes to the Copa Elite Six on duty. Likewise, these Dan points if (Six Invitational), cash prizes and the possibility of going to the Majors, international events of Rainbow Six Siege. The last was in Mexico and in November another will take place, but we still do not know where.

Also, the South American Championship has the particularity of sharing a single table of positions. This means, the points of the first phase are brought by the rest of the competitive year, giving more weight to each confrontation. So far, Malvinas Gaming and 9Z Team arrive like the Top 2 of the South American competitive scene, having Furious Gaming of Escorta.

North American Six Major Grand Finals - Spacestation Gaming vs. TSM

About points, it is necessary to remember how they are distributed:

  • A normal victory, without extra time, gives three points
  • An extra time victory gives two points
  • A defeat for extra time gives a point
  • A normal defeat, without extra time, does not give points

Finally, before moving on to the dates of the tournament, we have to talk about the teams that are participating. As we know, LDM ESPORTS ceased operations after Declare bankruptcy . However, his Six Siege Rainbow Square is held at the South American Championship under the name EX-LDM ESPORTS . While there is still a possibility that this will change, at the moment the confirmed teams are:

The South American Championship by Rainbow Six Siege will be played from September 10 to October 1 . Just in time for the Elite Six Cup and the Six Major of November.


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